hands on from day 1

Student experience

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hands on from

day one

You won’t have to wait for graduation to gain industry experience, because you’ll be servicing real clients on our clinic floor, where you’ll gain confidence and grow your talent.

There are so many career opportunities with an Josef’s cosmetology license, below are just a few career opportunities that are possible.

· Salon stylist

· Salon owner

· Personal stylist

· Makeup artist

· Fashion show stylist

· Film, theatre, television

· Editorial/advertising stylist

· Educator/platform artist

· Artistic director

· Cosmetic counter

· Hair, makeup and skin specialty retailers


Be prepared, because when you start at Josef’s, we will take you on an unforgettable journey of personal and professional growth!

At Josef’s, we believe that creating a fun and creative atmosphere helps our students become passionate about their career.

Throughout the year our students are involved with community events, career fairs and competitions. Gaining international esteem, our Josef’s Annual Fashion Awards (JAFA) easily becomes the highlight of the year at Josef’s.

This is our student competition fashion runway show. For the past 15 years, JAFA provides our students and alumni the unique opportunity to push boundaries within themselves.ry. This professionally produced runway show includes over 200 models showcasing all student work in hair, makeup and costume design.

We pride ourselves on creating our own brand image based off our student work. So, when you see any advertisement, or publication, the models in the photographs are done by our students. Each year we hold our Photographic Awards. Students are able to work with professional photographers to help create looks that inspire them. This is a great networking tool and provides our students with professional photographs for portfolio work.

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where beauty begins

skin esthetics


A professional Skin esthetician in

17 weeks

Learn skin esthetics, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, make-up techniques, many skin improving facials and product lines.

Our students are prepared with a combination of theory, hands-on training, use of skin care products and highly specialized equipment together with personal one-on-one guidance.

This course will encompass the study of principles and practice of skin care, skin disorders,  hair removal, and in depth training in makeup artistry.



Massage Therapists are in HIGH demand!

The need for massage therapists is constantly growing. This is one of the most high demand industries to be in.

Whether its in a clinical setting, health spa or your own private practice, we provide the education needed to be successful professional.